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There are 3 major groups of Wrap Labelers which are used to label many different round container categories in multiple industries. Three roll wrap labeling systems are the most versatile labelers for round products that are stable enough to stand on a conveyance system. Three roll Wrap Labelers offer increased label placement accuracy and the ability to orientate products with handles or other identifiable features. Wrap belt driven labelers are the most traditional method for applying labels to round products. The product is conveyed between a rotating belt and pressure pad in which it continues to move forward while rotating. At the beginning of the rotation, a label is dispensed and follows the product during rotation in order to wrap the label around the cylinder. Horizontal wrap labeling machines or unstable round product wrap labelers utilize a roller bed type of conveyor in order to lay smaller diameter products on their side and apply labels around the circumference.

The three roll wrap module traps the product and rotates it against a roller thus stabilizing the product during the label application process. This method dramatically increases label placement accuracy versus traditional wrap belt driven labelers and offers much more versatility to place labels onto products that may not be a perfect cylinder.

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